Foundation during the war

Hospitals of the future

The “I Am the Future of Ukraine” Charitable Foundation helps seriously ill children get treatment and rehabilitation. Hospitals often have poor facilities, due to outdated equipment and lack of medicines, so the Foundation works to improve the conditions in medical institutions. We reconstructed the X-ray room at the Chernivtsi Children’s Hospital: we bought special doors, replaced all the windows and renovated the interior, so that children in need of X-ray examinations could receive them quickly and efficiently. The Foundation was able to repair and equip a bathroom in the Oncology and Haematology Department of the Chernivtsi Regional Children’s Clinical Hospital, where young patients undergoing chemotherapy are treated. Children with cancer, whose immune system is weak and whose lives depend on sterile conditions, previously had to use bathrooms  in different departments, which reduced their chances of recovery. Now they can take a shower or go to the toilet without any health dangers.

Together, we are changing children’s treatment for the better, giving hope for improvement in the medical system and creating real and effective hospitals of the future.